TerraSoul - The Beginning

Hello, thanks for clicking the link and reading my first ever blog post. The launch of this blog coincides with the launch of my new business TerraSoul, and related website, and so this blog will be a little introduction to me, my dreams of what TerraSoul can offer you, and what I hope to share with you.

 I have always felt a strong connection with the Mother Earth and, in particular the Rocky Mountains near my home in Calgary.  I spent most weekends growing up, either skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or camping with my dad and my sister. My dad used to say that we attended the church of the mountain gods on Sundays, and this connection with the earth really did become spiritual for me. No matter the difficulties in my daily life I could find solace in the mountains. There I would push myself physically, and find a quiet peace where I could just breath and be one, with everything. I would return from my time in the mountains to the city life a better, calmer, renewed, person. I didn't conceptualize what was happening at the time, it's just the way it was and so I felt called back to the mountains time and time again. As I grew older I would end up introducing and guiding friends on these journeys with me, and now I am passing this practice on to my daughter.

 In my late 20's I took a certificate program in adventure tourism business operations and learned about flow state, and then I took my 200hr yoga teacher training where we studied the book 'The Power of Now' and I developed a meditation practice. These two courses made something click inside of me. I understood that in these mountain adventures I was pushing myself into my flow state, using my body in a way that I was comfortable with but required my full attention and in an activity that had a reward of some kind of growth, a new goal for a hiking destination, or a challenging hike, or a super smooth snowboard run. And in those moments I achieved a meditative state, in that state I grew internally as well. I grew in capacity for connection, empathy, understanding, and love. Because this flow state was found in raw nature I also grew in connection to the earth, the answer to that awe inspiring question of who we are and why we are here seems a little more attainable after each experience. That integration with the world around me seems a little more real. I've realized that I can find this meditative state out side of nature, I can find it anywhere, because it was within me, and I work on that daily. I've also realized the huge kickstart to finding that state I get when I am in my flow state in nature. These realizations have changed my life.

 I strive to find a meditative state within my daily life, and I remind myself of what that feels like often, by entering a flow state in nature. I usually bring with me an intention of growth in a specific area of my life, and these excursions have become a part of my yoga practice. I feel lighter and more whole after I find this place within myself while I am in nature. I have really developed the belief that nature has everything we need.

So, my winding path in life has allowed me the opportunity to explore the idea of sharing this with others, finally giving something back. I have formed TerraSoul to offer yoga classes, yoga adventures, yoga hikes, yoga snowboard retreats, and more. My goal is to facilitate holistic self-care and nurturing through nature. I really just want to create a space or bring people into a space where they can experience all the good and growth potential that is already within themselves.

 I hope you will join us for some of our future classes and retreats, and stay tuned to our blog to hear about the adventures we have!

 I am honored that you took the time to read this through.


Thank you and Namaste

 Lisa Sullivan